Kaišiadorys Museum documentary „Kaišiadorys Region People Clothing in Iron Age“ refers to that region’s population iron age clothing reconstructions. It was filmed in „Baltic Culture Festival“ on 21st of September 2013 at Maisiejūnai mound (Kaišiadorys reg.). The video is perfect for education and knowledge of the region.

As it was correctly noted – people who do not know own history always remains children. Childhood is not a bad thing however, not knowing rich and interesting country’s history is at least a shame.

Now Kaišiadorys Museum cameramen filled this potential gap. Few years ago they captured festival participants dressed according Iron age fashion (Stone age – a long pre-historic period that lasted from first tools 2,5 million years ago to 5000 years BC, Iron age – started from first iron things in V age BC to XII age AC).

Detailed video presents both men and women costumes of Iron Age. Although the video title refers to present Kaišiadorys region, all Iron Age Lithuania population was dressed in similar clothes. Thus this report is perfect for all who are interested in country’s history, culture as well as early fashion history.

It seems not everyone wishes to grow up – from the day of launching this video got only 38 views, we hope this number will rapidly grow with joint our efforts.

Idea: Kaišiadorys museum

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