The TV project “Pinigų Karta” few years ago introduced a restored and beautiful Biržai Castle – museum, where one can observe and touch even taste the region history.

There was time when Biržai was an important political and strategic town of Lithuania Grand Duchy, where duke Radvila not only has built a castle but also commanded to dig first artificial lake in Lithuania – Širvena Lake.

Unfortunately after the middle of the seventeenth century when Lithuanian castle defenders gave the Biržai castle, which was defending the north of the country, the town lost its influence and had never regained. On the other hand, even without becoming a political centre in the twenty-first century Biržai city, resetting the ruined castle, became a tourist attraction centre. For those who still did not have time to visit the North Pearl of Lithuania, we offer a virtual tour to Biržai ant its castle.

5 000 viewers have watched the video from the date of upload, about as much as could be easily accommodated in the restored castle complex.

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