Lithuania Handball Federation together with athletes developed a social advertising, inviting to drive safe and responsibly and discharge all tension on the field, rather than on the roads. According to statistics the main causes of accidents – the human factor. One sits at the wheel drunk, the other forgets that the street is not the race track, the third wants to „teach“ others or to show off in front of the girl.

Consequences … are known to everyone, and they are usually tragic. That is why social ads, involving well-known celebrities are still needed in our country. And we still need a lot of them. And hopefully one day the ads witnessing and highlighting tragic events will be replaced by funny cartoons about safe Lithuanian streets and friendly and dutiful drivers.

Over 1 000 viewers have watched this video from the upload day. However evaluating the number of Lithuanian drivers we wish the number of views grew hundred times and they would reach the addressees – the road eagles, road hooligans and other undisciplined drivers that were used to demonstrate their emotions on the roadway, thus putting into danger not only themselves but other traffic users as well …

Idea: Lithuania Handball Federation

Studio: Pinigų mašina

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