Transport Development Group or shorter TVG (TDG) – is presenting a video that can be shown not only as an informative company product, but also as a right example of how to present own company or activity. JSC Transport Development Group –is a freight forwarding company operating since 1997.

In few minutes the viewer gets familiar both with the company’s activities and the vehicles as well as the personnel. One receives all information that customers usually look for at once. The authors of the video openly show all “working information” that is usually hidden from the customers and competitors, thus suggesting that TDG – is open and does not have anything to hide, it is operating honestly and transparently, one can rely on the services TDG offers.

The same message is confirmed by gen. director Albertas Sitavičius, who emphasises that long- term and trust- based cooperation is important for the company. TDG is always carrying out its obligations with responsibility.

200 views were since we noticed the video.

Idea:  TVG (TDG)

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